Campanha de Prevenção: Vivendo bem com a Doença Renal


Anelise Marcolin, Ana Piccoli, José Eduardo, Fabiana Santos Vicente Machado, 2190, Curitiba - Paraná Brazil

Date of event

11 January 2021 

PRO RENAL BRASIL – ACTIVITIES DMR 2021 Pró-Renal prepared for this year several activities that will be developed by the health team with a focus on patient engagement – and also by family members and caregivers, in self-care, quality and appreciation of Life. The activities will be carried out in the treatment routine itself, with all the necessary care for the prevention of COVID-19, according to the guidelines of the health authorities. For the general public, the campaign will focus on the dissemination of information on the prevention of kidney disease, mainly to risk groups on Social Networks and the Press Office.

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