BitterSweet World Kidney Day Nicaragua


La Isla Foundation Leon Nicaragua

Date of event

14 March 2013 

Sugarcane workers in Western Nicaragua must feel BitterSweet when their only possible job and way to sustain their families will likely cause them to develop a Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown cause (CKDu). La Isla Foundation, based in Leon, Nicaragua, is dedicated to researching the cause of CKDu and stopping the cycle of this epidemic. We support local communities around the city of Chichigalpa through public health interventions, education and health programs, and initiatives to instigate policy change. On the 14th of March, World Kidney Day, La Isla Foundation will organize an awareness program on the streets of Leon and an exhibition with videos and photographs. The children in one of the affected communities were able to contribute to the World Kidney Day through an after school arts and crafts project. Join our efforts and be part of the solution.

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