Awareness Walkathon


Dr. Kalaivani Ganesan- Dr. Mehta's Hospitals,Chennai, India. NO:2,MC Nichols road,3rd lane,Chetpet,Chennai-6000031 India

Date of event

13 March 2022 

Dr.Mehta’s Hospitals,Chennai,India.Being a Pioneer hospital over 85 years of Quality healthcare in this region, we have social responsibility of creating health awareness among general public.On behalf of World Kidney Day we have series of events. It is crystal clear that that there is vast avenue for prevention of kidney diseases and “Prevention is the best form of cure”. “The best means to fight chronic kidney disease is prevention and bridge the knowledge gap: it is thus paramount to identify and to treat possible and preventable risk factors, but reversing the tide will require concerted efforts not just from healthcare providers, but also from the entire society” ,hence educating school children is of prime importance. To commemorate World kidney day and to underline the importance of this year’s theme,“Kidney Health For All”, a series of events were conducted- awareness talks at various schools educating the importance of preventive measures on kidney disease progression ,followed by a awareness Walkathon covering few kms ,all participitants will be given Tshirts embedded with WKD logo on Sunday, 13th March 2022 – at Elliot Beach that was flagged off by celebrities- We will have a excellent media coverage for better reach to public.A crowd of about 200-250 students along with their parents holding placards/ banners and raising slogans on kidney disease .

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