Awareness Poem


Kozhikode India

Date of event

14 March 2024 


At the outset of World Kidney Day, it is becoming increasingly important to raise awareness of how self-destructive we are to our internal organs. Please read through the awareness poem and revert to me or any qualified Dietitians or Health care professionals for more right and authentic informations. Enjoy the poetic education.


In the intricate landscape of the human frame,
Mr. Brain orchestrates, earning acclaim,
Arrived the day of World Kidney’s might,
A time for reflection, under the sunlight.
With fervor, Mr. Brain sought to explore,
The inner workings, the body’s grandeur.
But a sight caught his eye, a troubling sight,
Mr. and Mrs. Kidney, enshrouded in plight.
Approaching with care, Brain inquired,
On this day of homage, why such distress?
“Pray tell, why wear such a visage,
Speak, dear organs, your troubles and stress”
Mr. Kidney, with solemnity, did reply,
“Though we toil tirelessly, our spirits run dry.
Infodemics plague, a relentless swell,
And amidst the chaos, we falter and dwell.”
With gravity, Mrs. Kidney revealed the strain,
“From junk food indulgence, to gut’s dysbiosis bane,
Unchecked fitness fads, leading to unbidden woes,
Unauthorized high protein, where creatinine flows.
It’s not just tobacco or alcohol’s sway,
But fast foods, fad diets, they indulge every day.
Self-prescribed potions, cyberchondria’s game,
They bring me anguish, they’re all the same.
Supplements they gobble, without a clue,
Thinking it’s health, but they misconstrue,
Their cravings overpower, they don’t heed the call,
To take necessary meds, they neglect it all.
Gut dysbiosis, it wreaks its own havoc,
Their gut health neglected, it’s a problematic traffic,
They ignore the balance, the harmony within,
Causing chaos, allowing diseases to begin.
Oh, brain, I beseech you, spread the word,
Of the harm they inflict, let it be heard.
Encourage wise choices, mindful actions to take,
For the sake of my well-being, for health’s sake.
“Ah, I grasp,” nodded Brain, with a learned nod,
The ramifications clear, of each misguided prod,
Turning to spread wisdom, far and wide,
Of the perils unchecked, where wellness resides.
In verse and in discourse, the tale unfurled,
Of kidneys beleaguered, in the tumultuous world.
For on World Kidney Day, and every day hence,
Nurturing our bodies, become common sense.
Sripriya Shaji Ph.D
Counselling Psychologist & Nutritionist
Srisha Counselling
Founder Member & Secretary
Community Nutrition Forum

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