Arm your community to protect young kidneys


Chennai India

Date of event

5 March 2024 

Awareness walkathon to be held on March 10th Sunday in beach involving school, collegestudents, doctors, nurses, dialysis technicians and general public will be held. Awalk of 4 km will be carried out holding banners, placards with the theme of world kidney day and raising slogans on kidney awareness. This event will be flagged off by celebrity which will have an extensive coverage in social media. All volunteers will be given certificates as a token of appreciation.

Drawing / Slogan competition will be held for the Out patients on World kidney day theme 2024 and prizes will be distributed for the winners. This will help the parents and the patients to get educated on kidney health awareness and encourages community involvement.


1. Poster presentation

2. Street play/ Mime

3. Quiz competition for trainees

4. Rangoli competition

5. Parent awareness education


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