Anatolian Kidney Foundation World Kidney Day Activities


Anatolian Kidney Foundation Anadolu Böbrek Vakfı Emek 29. Sokak Köşe Apartmanı 9/1 Ankara Turkey

Date of event

8 March 2018 

The head of IFKF, Prof. Joel D. Kopple, MD, suggested the idea of arranging World Kidney Day in 2003. Later, with the cooperation with ISN World Kidney Day was born. The first celebration was on 9th March 2006. This year’s theme is “Kidneys and Women Health”. We are happy to celebrate the two important dates together. The festivities start with Folklore Group, followed by a slide show called “Our Women” by Prof. Dr. Ayla San. In terms of scientific programs “Women and Kidneys”, “Women’s Health and Hypertension”, “Diabetes and Obesity among Women”, “Pregnancy & Kidneys (Current situation in Turkey)”, “Effects of Sports on Women” will be highlighted. Furthermore, blood pressure measurements, weight & height measurements, waist & body mass index of those who ask for and necessary advice will be given.

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