Amazing Kidneys – Raising Awareness


FILTER YOUR FUTURE and Ascot Vale Leisure Centre Ascot Vale Leisure Centre, Epsom Rd & Langs Rd, Ascot Vale, VIC 3032, AUSTRALIA Australia

Date of event

12 March 2020 


Amazing Kidneys – Raising Awareness is a ‘Back to School’ education event for adults to help reduce the incidence of preventable chronic kidney disease. The FREE program will be offered twice, from 12:30-1:30pm and again at 1:30-2:30pm. The program is presented by FILTER YOUR FUTURE, a social enterprise conducting the ‘Healthy Kidneys Education Project’ since 2017, with sponsorship from the DIALYSIS AND TRANSPLANT ASSOCIATION OF VICTORIA, INC. (D.A.T.A.). This project incorporates music, songs and dance along with science experiments to engage the audience. Participants receive an A3 colour poster to reinforce the key learning points and to help educate others at home. The event will be hosted by the Ascot Vale Leisure Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

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