Aging and Kidneys


Anatolia Kidney Foundation and Ufuk University Medical School Nephrology Section 6510 Turkey

Date of event

1 January 1970 

We will organize scientific program in Ufuk University Conference Hall. Our scientific meeting’s topics are below; – Renal Physiology and Pathophysiology in elderly – Kidney Diseases and Risk Factors in the Elderly – Urological Problems in the Elderly We will also organize social program in an old age asylum. There; -Measurement of blood pressure, urine examination, blood glucose measurement will be made in the elderly, – Associated with kidney disease in the elderly survey will be conducted. – There we will give educational information to the elderly regarding to the healthy eating, fitness, treatment of hypertension, blood sugar treatment. – We will give information to the elderly about the quality of life in old age. – Awareness-raising screenings will be held in nursing homes.

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