Aegina Open Walk dedicated to World Kidney Day


Saronic Nephrological Center Vasileos Konstantinou 11 Kypseli, Aegina, 18010, Greece Greece

Date of event

6 March 2021 

An Open Walk dedicated to World Kidney Day on the occasion of ‘’LIVING WELL WITH KIDNEY DISEASE’’. Citizens, carers, volunteers, the Staff of NAMA HEALTH CLUB, and the Dialysis Unit’s Staff in Aegina Island Greece, participated in this event, declaring their support to patients suffering from CKD and their carers. The messages they wanted to express to kidney patients and their caregivers: 1. STAY ACTIVE 2. NEVER GIVE UP 3. REMAIN OPTIMISTIC 4. CONTINUE SOCIALIZING 5. THINK POSITIVE 6. USE YOUR SMILE TO CHANGE THE WORLD 7. DISCOVER YOURSELF CHARISMAS 8. LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST 9. SET DAILY GOALS 10. BE ENTHUSIASTIC WHATEVER YOU DO 11. LOVE TRULY WITH PASSION 12. STAND BY OTHER PATIENTS 13. YOUR EXPERIENCE MAY OFFER VALUABLE SUPPORT TO OTHERS 14. GET INVOLVED TO YOUR TREATMENT’S DECISIONS 15. DISCUSS ALL YOUR CONCERNS WITH YOUR NEPHROLOGIST 16. DON’T BE AFRAID EXPRESSING YOUR FEELINGS 17. INSPIRE OTHER PATIENTS AND CAREGIVERS 18. OFFER SUPPORT TO YOUR CAREGIVERS 19. HELP OTHERS MANAGING DISEASE’S CONSEQUENCES Kidney Disease shouldn’t be an obstacle to improve our daily life. Small habits like walking help us to boost self-esteem and reduce symptoms of social withdrawal, to reduce anxiety, depression and address a negative mood. Organised by: Saronic Nephrological Center Planning: Mihalis Sekadakis, Manolis Logothetis Directed, shot and edited by: Anestis Kornezos Drone: George Peppas With the participation of: Evangelia Rekleiti, Corina Giannouli, Eleni Giannouli, Nectaria Rekleiti, Aris Lazos, Costas Bessis, Panayotis Prekas, Antonia Zaravela, Argyroula Diolintzi, Antonia Panyotou, Antonis Apostolidis, Aggeliki Malahia, Anthi Giannouli, Kseni Oikonomou, Anna Efremidi Iraklis Erfemidis, Ksanthi Prokopiou, Kalotina Mourtzi, Sotiria Bista, Vassiliki Bista, Nectarios Bogris, Yannis Bessis, Georgia Bitrou,Nectarios Garganitis, Katerina Kamberi

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