A free awareness Webinar on “Healthy Kidneys For All” on Google-Meet


Saksham Society Jaipur Rajasthan a World Record Holder NGO Saksham Society F1, Tulip, B 78, Raghunandan Vihar, Rajasthan 302017 India

Date of event

9 March 2023 

Myself ,a dietitian,Ms.Mahendri.N.V MSc.MHRM. MPhil.RD, former (Retd)Head, Dietetics, CMCVellore is the National Head(Hon) for the National Wellness Awareness Program of SSJR, along with Amb.Dr.Shilpi Chauhan, Founder & President, Saksham Society Jaipur, Rajasthan (SSJR) , a World record holder NGO, is Organizing a one day awareness program on Kidney Health using the theme of World Kidney Day -2023 :’Healthy Kidneys For All”. This program is a free online webinar on Google meet. There are two speakers , myself and Ms.Uma Sankari dietitian PIGMER, Pondicherry for this two hour program.

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