World Transplant Federation & Harris County - Houston Sports Authority
Houston, TX
United States

Date of event

28 May 2021 

DESCRIPTION A global pandemic has presented challenges to Houston as the host city for the 2021 World Transplant Games, but we are still committed to the mission of increasing awareness for transplantations worldwide. With that goal in mind, we have organized a virtual event next year which will allow everyone the opportunity to participate in an international athletic activity.    THE VIRTUAL RACE  The Harris County – Houston Sports Authority is proud to present the 2021 World Transplant Games 5K AnyWay Virtual Race, benefiting the World Transplant Games Federation. This virtual global event takes place from May 28 through June 5, 2021, with the hopes of virtually uniting transplant survivors, donors, their families and supporters from around the world.    WHAT IS A 5K ANYWAY?  It’s a unique opportunity for you to complete a 5K any way you like! Run, walk, swim, bike, row – the option is yours! Complete your activity any time from Friday, May 28 through Friday, June 4. After finishing your 5K, log your activity to submit your results and watch as we make our way around the world!   Once we make it around the world, we will have a global celebration on June 5, 2021!     THE GOAL  Our collective goal is to log enough miles to make it around the world! We only ask that you have fun, share pictures of your adventure and help us spread the word of the importance of transplant donors.     PROCEEDS  All donations benefit transplanted children to help them get active and be part of the award-winning Fit for Life! global program through the World Transplant Games Federation’s charitable arm.   As we run the globe, our team will be engaging you with an interactive map, fun facts from different countries and more! We encourage you to also engage with the other runners by posting pictures and videos of your 5K.    Now let’s go 5K AnyWay! Help us celebrate the gift of life AnyWay you wish! 

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