14-Day, 5K Steps Challenge: Walking for Kidney Health


Ernakumlam India

Date of event

1 March 2024 

14-Day, 5K Steps for Kidney Health Challenge

Overview: This engaging online walking challenge invites participants across India to join a 14-day journey from March 1 to March 14, aiming to complete 5,000 steps daily. Participants include individuals with kidney transplants, undergoing dialysis, or living with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and advocates for kidney health—this initiative aims to raise awareness and foster community through shared action and education.


Virtual/Online, accessible to participants throughout India.


Start Date: March 1, 2024
End Date: March 14, 2024
World Kidney Day Celebration: March 14, 2024

Activities Involved:

Daily Step Challenge: Participants commit to walking 5,000 steps each day.
Virtual Check-ins: Participants will share their daily progress and leave a message about kidney health on the Kidney Warrior Foundation’s Facebook and Instagram pages.
Awareness Messages: After completing daily steps, participants are encouraged to write and share a kidney health awareness message, contributing to a growing online repository of educational content.
World Kidney Day Online Gathering: On the final day, participants will join an exciting online event to share their experiences, messages, and the collective impact of their efforts. This celebration will feature participant highlights, the best awareness messages, and inspiring stories. Participants will connect in real-time, share their journey, and take part in a collective moment of action by sharing a powerful kidney health pledge on their social media, creating a wave of awareness.


To encourage a healthy lifestyle and demonstrate the positive impact of regular physical activity.
To significantly increase awareness and knowledge about kidney health.
To create a supportive community for individuals affected by kidney health issues.
To use collective action to spread a powerful message of prevention, treatment, and the importance of kidney health on a large scale.

Reasons for Support:

Engaging in regular physical activity like walking can greatly benefit individuals with kidney health issues, aiding in overall health management.
Raising awareness about kidney health is crucial for early detection, prevention, and management of CKD.
Building a community around kidney health can provide support, reduce stigma, and empower individuals to take charge of their health.
Celebrating World Kidney Day with a virtual gathering underscores the importance of kidney health and promotes widespread advocacy and support.

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