A Nephrologist’s Path to Resilience and Compassion

Dr. Edison Souza, from Brazil, shares the heartwarming tale of Maria, a kidney transplant recipient. Maria’s journey from despair to joy, marked by the reunion with her pet dog and the selfless sacrifice for her son’s transplant, underscores the profound impact of accurate information and resilience in the realm of organ transplantation. For over three […]

Fighting CKD at 13 in Malawi: A call to action for better kidney care

Ken Ngwira, 13, from Malawi, underwent a profound transformation when kidney failure disrupted his once-healthy childhood in 2021. Enduring dialysis treatments for nearly 10 hours a week, Ken’s education was sacrificed, leaving him with monumental health challenges compounded by financial strain and limited resources. His story sheds light on the urgent need for systemic change […]

Dialysis Diaries: 19 Years Strong, Fighting for Kidney Health in Malawi

Samuel Kumwanje, 48, from Malawi, embarked on an unforeseen journey when diagnosed with kidney failure at 28 years old. Initially misdiagnosed and treated for malaria, his resilience and determination became the driving force throughout a 19-year dialysis saga. Facing challenges, from unhealed fractures that restricted his mobility to a wheelchair to losing his job, Samuel’s life […]