Kidney Disease & Obesity – Joint Position

In the context of our advocacy activities, we have developed a Joint Position in collaboration with the World Obesity Federation (WOF) on this year’s topic “Kidney Disease & Obesity”.

Today, March 9 2017, we proudly publish the result of this collaboration. This document summarises some key data on kidney disease, obesity and their relation, and  includes a few population based policies and strategies that governments and policy makers should implement to increase prevention of obesity and kidney disease.

We would strongly encourage you to disseminate this document to your governments and policy makers and share it on your social media accounts.  This way you will support our advocacy efforts and help us call on policy makers for the implementation of policies that make obesity and kidney disease prevention affordable and effective.

Download Joint Position HERE

WKD-WOF_Joint Position

WKD-WOF Joint Position_SPANISH

WKD-WOF Joint Position_FRENCH

WKD-WOF Joint Position_RUSSIAN

WKD-WOF Joint Position_CHINESE

Thank you for your support!

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