School Kit (12-16)

Here you can find an educational Power Point presentation tailored to school children from the age of 12 to 16. This presentation includes information about kidneys, how they work and how to keep them healthy.

Slides are very graphical, children-friendly and contain only the highlights of each topic. For a more detailed explanation, you can find the description of each slide at the bottom of them , in the comment section.

We encourage everyone to share this presentation with their local schools and children. The key to prevention lies in education and awareness. Help us educate school children and build future healthier generations!

The Power Point presentation is editable.  Please feel free to translate the text in your own language.  Do not alter the design or the meaning of the content, and do not remove WKD, ISN or IFKF logos from it.

Please note that WKD logo is copyrighted. The logo cannot be modified except for translation purposes. Commercial use of the logo is NOT permitted. The logo cannot be associated with any other logo or brand name without specific permission. Commercial industry does not have the right to use the WKD logo or these materials unless they are official global or national WKD Sponsors.  

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