World Kidney Day 2016 – Press Release

Here you can find the World Kidney Day 2016 press release. In the column on the right hand side of this page you can find pdf downloads of the Press release in English and several other languages.  

WKD Press Release 2015 – 2

World Kidney Day 2015: A great anniversary campaign This press release summarizes all the World Kidney Day 2015 campaign results. Download the file and help us disseminate the WKD message and the fantastic results of the 2015 campaign. PR World Kidney Day 2015 Results

Kidney Health for All _ Press Release 2015 -1

Here you can find the official World Kidney Day 2015 press release in English and several other languages. Translations are a generous contribution of our collaborators and volunteers around the world.

WKD 2015 Press Kit Translations

Press Kit Translations Here you can find the World Kidney Day Press Kit 2015 translated into Spanish (Courtesy of Maria Julia, champion from Chile) Hindi & Telagu (Courtesy of Manisha, champion from India) Croatian (Courtesy of Lea, champion from Croatia) Bengali (Courtesy of Abu Sayeed , champion from Bangladesh)  

WKD 2015 Press Kit

Download here our WKD 2015 Press Kit. Do you have questions or need more information? Contact the WKD team at   

Chronic Kidney Disease & Aging Press Release 2014

Brussels, 10th March 2014 – Around 600 million persons worldwide have some form of kidney damage. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), predicted to increase by 17% over the next decade, is now recognized as global public health issue. If detected early and managed appropriately, the deterioration in kidney function can be slowed or even stopped – […]