new in nephrology for care worker


Tishreen University, Tishreen University Hospitalm department of nephrology Tishreen University Hospital, st 18 , latakia Syrian Arab Republic

Date of event

11 March 2021 


We in the Department of Nephrology at Tishreen University Hospital in Tishreen University are proud that we are working hard to provide all that we can of service to patients with chronic kidney disease. We are happy that we will participate in the World Kidney Day through the Scientific Day of the Department of Nephrology, which will be on the same day (March 11). We will introduce something new in nephrology as directed by KDIGO, and health care workers will be invited from doctors, nurses, and medical students. There will be visits to the department of artificial kidneys for non-staff. Postgraduate physicians in the Department of Nephrology volunteered to prepare lectures and presentations

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