Copyright & Permissions

The WKD material is freely available for download and use under the following specific conditions. If you have any questions concerning rights to use the WKD logo and material, please contact


  1. The official name “World Kidney Day” and its logo are a registered trademark owned by the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF).


  1. The WKD logo must not be altered in any way, except for language translation purposes
  2. The WKD logo and the campaign material cannot be used in connection with the sale of products or for the promotion of a company.
  3. The WKD logo cannot be associated with any other brand, symbol or logo without express permission from the WKD secretariat ( (See exceptions described below).
  4. The following copyright notice needs to be included in a visible way  every time a WKD visual or material is used or translated: ©World Kidney Day 2006-2022.


1. Global Sponsors
  • Official WKD global sponsors (partners, supporters, benefactors) are entitled to use the WKD brand, logo and material in the context of their awareness activities. Corporate official sponsors logos are permitted on WKD materials. However, product names, information and/or visuals are not.
2. Local Sponsors
  • Local for-profit organizations providing local financial support to the WKD campaign can only use the WKD logo and material to be associated with a local activity and NOT with the global campaign (Ex. “Company name sponsor of WKD walk in country xxx”)
3. Non-sponsoring organizations
  • Organizations that are not global sponsors of the World Kidney Day campaign implementing internal educational activities can only use the WKD logo on education-related materials for internal purposes.


NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS (Associations, Foundations, public hospitals and clinics, public infrastructures, organizations, patients groups, etc…)
  • Not for-profit organizations are granted the right, without any additional fee or cost, to use, publish, distribute, disseminate, transfer, and digitize the WKD logo and material for educational purposes only, and not for any direct or indirect commercial purpose or advantage. The content may be modified for local language needs but must not in any manner be misrepresented. Not for-profit organizations are free to add their logos to posters and other materials. However, it is required that the WKD, ISN and IFKF logos remain on all materials. Download the  Signature block here:

Download pdf: WKD Copyright & Permissions

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