ISN Community Film Event: Raise Awareness by Sharing Your Kidney Care Story

Storytelling is a powerful way to inform, educate, and activate change. Help raise awareness and improve understanding of the reality of living with kidney disease by sharing your story at the ISN Community Film Event.

Once again running in collaboration with the World Kidney Day (WKD) Campaign, the 2022 ISN Community Film Event will feature the “WKD 2022 Best Film Award” going to the finalist who receives the most votes during the WKD 2022 (March 10).

Previous editions have recognized the inspirational hope and courage of dedicated healthcare professionals and their patients fighting to live well with kidney disease. Former winners include “Dialysis journey of a Sarawakian” (2019), “Hope is a walking dream” (2020), “Life Beyond the Transplant”, and WKD 2021 Best Film Award winner “The Mountain in His Blood” (2021)

Share your story and make a difference in the lives of kidney patients and those who care for them.

For more information, please visit WCN website HERE

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