I did not know how sick I was until I started dialysis

Steve Allan, from New Zealand, was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (a genetic disorder which causes cysts filled with fluid to form in the kidneys) following the loss of his mother due to a brain aneurysm when he was a teenager. Steve opens up about the progression of the disease, his fears regarding undergoing dialysis, […]

From Despair to Determination: A Kidney Warrior’s Story

Sejal Jobanputra, from India, shares her touching story about her kidney transplant operation – with her dad as a donor – being canceled one day before the set date due to the final cross-match test showing a positive match. She then shares her feelings of loss and despair, especially after losing her dad, and how […]

The fundamental doctor-patient relationship of trust

Patrizia, 62, from Italy, shares her journey as a three-time kidney transplant patient. Throughout her life, she battled complications from systemic lupus erythematosus, which forced her to spend many years on dialysis. Over the years, she built a long-standing relationship with the Italian Kidney Foundation which has supported her every step of the way. Together […]

Promoting inclusion for individuals with disabilities in the workplace

David Pino, from Madrid, Spain, highlights the need for collaborative efforts for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workplace, from his perspective as a CKD patient and a human resources professional. To explain my situation, I must go back a few years when, as a young technology company employee, I suddenly started feeling […]

Finding hope and support thanks to the TANKER foundation

Shantha Kumar, 50, from Chennai, India, recounts his journey from being diagnosed with kidney failure to starting dialysis. Initially burdened by the financial costs of dialysis, his situation took a turn for the better when he discovered the TANKER Foundation. At TANKER, he not only found affordable dialysis treatment but also a team of caregivers […]

Always prepared for the unexpected

Marc Coronel, 37, from Los Angeles, California, US, shares his kidney health story after having been diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and tells how he subsequently received a kidney transplant. He recounts how he managed his condition while on dialysis and remains prepared for unforeseen events as a kidney transplant patient. Taking courage from […]

Receiving a second chance and giving back to the community

Mariori Jonker, 39 years old, from South Africa, shares her experience as a kidney transplant patient, navigating through multiple infections and enduring numerous hospital stays during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the initial challenges, she emerged stronger and committed herself to supporting fellow kidney patients through her charity organization, AVA Second Chance. My name is Mariori, […]

Finding my purpose in life after my kidney disease diagnosis

Kamal D. Shah, 47, from India, recounts his extraordinary journey from the moment of his kidney disease diagnosis to the co-founding of his own dialysis network, which became his life’s purpose. He vividly describes how he navigated the challenges of living with kidney disease, maintaining a fulfilling life, all while dedicating himself to making a […]

An unwavering family support for a better future

Uqbah Muhammad, 13, from West Yorkshire, England, recounts her struggle with several health problems and her desperate search for a kidney donor who could save her life. She describes her personal experiences and the stress she is under at such a young age. My name is Uqbah Muhammad, and I am 13 years old. I […]

The kindness of family, friends and strangers gives me hope for the future

Christina Meyer, 50, from Ontario, Canada tells her story of the inevitable decline of her kidneys while she is taking hopeful steps toward securing a living donor transplant.  She wants to be an inspiration for her daughter as she proactively seeks out living donors through social media channels. Surprisingly, she gets the attention of the […]