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World Kidney Day is celebrated worldwide, bringing together millions of people in over 150 countries and uniting them to produce a powerful voice for kidney health awareness. Every year, countless local and national events are organized by ISN and IFKF national associations, by other kidney health stakeholders, healthcare professionals, healthcare authorities, and individuals who want to make a difference.

Let us know how you will be celebrating World Kidney Day by posting information about your activity!

You can find the complete list of IFKF and ISN national affiliates in these two downloadable pdf on the left. We strongly encourage everybody to refer to our local partners to get more information, help, and ideas for World Kidney Day events organization!

IFKF_Inventory_of_Resources_and_Members.pdf ISN_Affiliated_Societies.pdf

Ideas for action on World Kidney Day:

  • Organise a physical activity event: walk, cycle ride, jogging, fitness, flash mob or dancing. Get together, get out, and get moving!
  • Make use of our Materials and Resources: use the logo, the fact sheets, and posters in your work, school or community center, or including links to or embedding them on your websites or web pages.
  • Promote the campaign on your website, blog or forum by creating a WKD section with information about local events and other campaign information.
  • Promote the campaign among your Facebook and Twitter friends.
  • Identify local heroes that are active in promoting the kidney cause to provide inspiration and a positive role model for people with kidney disease around the world.
  • Put WKD flyers or a poster in the lobby of your company, in your hospital waiting room, at your school, at the entrance of your religious center, at your health insurance company, at your bank etc.
  • Have a kidney educative class in your school
  • Ask your post office company to create a World Kidney Day stamp
  • Broadcast WKD video or images on a screen in a pharmacy or in public transportation
  • Show a banner at the start of a football match
  • Make a human chain on a main public square
  • Light up a building
  • Ring the bell of your town hall or church
  • Organise a fun run or public walk
  • Hold a charity dinner to raise money for a local foundation
  • Invite friends and colleagues to a Coffee morning
  • Organise a Kidney quiz night
  • Hold a Book sale

Do you want to add ideas to this section, to share them with other organizers around the world? Send them by email to They will be added shortly!

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