Celebrate World Kidney Day and Follow our 8 Golden Rules!

On February 8, we are launching our #MyGr8Rule challenge as a symbolic gesture to remember that kidneys are vital organs and that they should be taken care of.

This action urges everyone around the globe, from all cultures and ages, to look after their kidneys and prevent kidney disease.

How to participate in the #MyGr8Rule challenge:

  • Complete one or more of the 8 golden rules of keeping kidneys healthy and preventing kidney disease such as keeping active, quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet etc.
  • Take a picture of yourself in action!
  • Layer the Rules photo frame on top (optional). [Download photo frames here].
  • Share it on your social media accounts with the hashtag #MyGr8Rule

Be creative, challenge yourself and involve your friends and family! Don’t limit yourself to 1 rule. You can participate in the challenge as many times and complete as many golden rules as you like. When it comes to the 8 golden rules of kidney health, more is indeed better.

If you need some inspiration, here you can find some tweet ideas:

  • I Love My Kidneys, I am quitting smoking #worldkidneyday #MyGr8Rule
  • Do you Know That Proper Nutrition And Exercise are Key To Prevent Kidney Disease? #worldkidneyday #MyGr8Rule
  • I Take Care Of My Health, I Move/Run/Skate/Ski/Cycle/Swim* For My Kidneys! #worldkidneyday #MyGr8Rule
  • Keeping fit helps reduce your blood pressure and therefore reduces the risk of CKD #worldkidneyday #MyGr8Rule
  • I just got blood test/ urine test done. my kidneys are healthy and functioning! #worldkidneyday #MyGr8Rule
  • Water, water everywhere, drink a glass of water! #worldkidneyday #MyGr8Rule
  • Support #worldkidneyday With Me, Take A Picture When You Follow #MyGr8Rule #worldkidneyday
  • I reduced BMI/ lost xy cm from my stomach. I am getting healthy to prevent kidney disease. #worldkidneyday #MyGr8Rule

*replace with the exercise/activity you are participating in

The 8 Golden Rules:

  1. Keep fit, be active
  2. Eat a healthy diet
  3. Check and control your blood sugar
  4. Check and control your blood pressure
  5. Take appropriate fluid intake
  6. Don’t smoke
  7. Don’t take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory/pain-killer pills regularly
  8. Get your kidney function checked if you have any ‘high risk’ factors
    • you have diabetes
    • you have hypertension
    • you are obese
    • you have a family history of kidney disease

*Disclaimer: World Kidney Day is global awareness campaign that aims to increase awareness of kidneys and kidney disease. We do not give professional medical advice, or provide diagnosis or treatment. Please talk to a doctor or other professional healthcare provider to obtain the information you seek.

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