2019 Impact Report

In 2019, in its 14th year of existence, World Kidney Day will be marked on March 14. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the high and increasing burden of kidney diseases worldwide and the need for strategies for kidney diseases prevention and management.

Despite the growing burden of kidney disease worldwide, kidney health disparity and inequity are still widespread. Early diagnosis, prevention and delay of progression are sustainable options to reduce costs and consequences of kidney diseases for individuals and countries. Yet, barriers to available, accessible, adequate and quality kidney care persist.

The Impact Report of WKD 2019 takes a look at some of the actions and how the collective efforts this past 14 March made a strong and fruitful impact worldwide.

The Global Impact Report WKD2019 takes a look at some of the actions and how the collective efforts this past 14 March made a reverberant impact worldwide.

Thanks to all World Kidney Day 2019 Supporters & Champions!

The global report provides a vague summary of the overall impact of World Kidney Day 2019, as we could not possibly cover in detail all the generous individual and collective efforts that took place this past March 14. However, we are happily sharing regional reports that our champions kindly provided us with. Please take a look at the PDFs to have a better understanding of activities organised in various regions.


Thank you to our official World Kidney Day supporters, whose generous financial contribution enables us to carry on.

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