Promoting Kidney Donation and Transplantation

An important focus of World Kidney Day is promoting kidney donation and transplantation. Chronic kidney failure is associated with complications which are debilitating and impose a serious detriment to quality of life. For many people with kidney failure the best treatment is a successful kidney transplant increasing energy and wellbeing and providing a better quality of life.

However, because of a shortage of donor kidneys, each year only a small percentage of people who need a kidney transplant actually receive one. For instance, in the year 2008, more than 75,000 people in the USA were waiting for a kidney transplant, while only about 15,000 kidneys become available for transplantation. With the help of The Transplantation Society, World Kidney Day aims to increase awareness and promotion of this life-saving procedure and the donors who make it possible.

World Kidney Day is firmly against organ trafficking or transplant tourism of any kind!

World Kidney Day supports the declaration of Istanbul against organ trafficking. For more information on the declaration visit:

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