Celebrate World Kidney Day with us!

This year, as an attempt to make the general public think about their kidneys, we are inviting everyone - as a symbolic gesture- to start their day with a glass of water on March 13.

Participating is easy! Take a picture of yourself drinking a glass of water. Tweet it @worldkidneyday with the message: “I take care of my kidneys, I drink a #glassofwater. Do you think about your kidneys? #isupportwkd”. Share it our Facebook page! If you don’t have access to social media, you can send your picture by e-mail to agnese@worldkidneyday.org

You picture will appear in the photo gallery below. The gauge here on the left will count how many glasses of water will be drunk on World Kidney Day.

(This is a symbolic action and it is not intended to make a scientific statement about the benefits of drinking water on kidney health, therefore please make sure to always state the following disclaimer when spreading the word about this idea: “Water may protect your kidneys, but it won’t cure from Chronic kidney disease”).